Afsoon + Jace

Hello, holá, bonjour, ciao – howdy and welcome! If you are here – you have something special to celebrate, so congratulations!

Afsoon & Jace are the Owners & Creative Designers behind G & G Bespoke Website Designs. The design-duo are also partners in real life! While recently planning their own wedding, they were disappointed with the many restrictive, generic, and tiresome website platforms. They were looking for a platform which would allow the unique design and vision of their wedding to shine through, but also be a personalized, hassle-free, and simple process. Combining Afsoon’s passion for design and all-things-wedding, and Jace’s previous experience as a web-developer, they got to work and ta-da! G & G Designs was created!

Given their unique backgrounds and recent wedding experience, Afsoon & Jace bring a contemporary perspective and provide a unique and exclusive opportunity to clientele looking for a relaxed process to design their own bespoke and luxurious wedding website.

Afsoon & Jace are both currently completing their Doctorates in Dallas, TX. Jace obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physics, and spent several years as a web-developer. Afsoon received her Bachelor’s in both Biology and Psychology, and also has a Master’s in Child & Family Psychology. Together, they are parents to two adorable fur babies, one goldfish, and a small patio oasis. In their free time, they both enjoy photography, cooking, being extremely competitive with board games – and a lot of Netflix!